Compact Spreader Trailers



Presenting the new range of COMPACT spreader trailers. Designed by and for our customers, adapted to hard work and conceived to spread all kind of manure.Adaptable for transport of agricultural products: silage, cereals, etc.High resistance monocoque box.Plate thickness is 4 mms. and all models. On occasion the box can be furnished in Stainless Steel plate, indicated for highly corrosive products such as semi-liquid poultry manure.

  • Mucks Spreaders COMPACT line, avaiable in 550, 600,650,700,750,800. Two verticals rotors
  • COMPACT  spreader, fitted with spread sludge system, and box in Stainless Steel
  • Manual flow regualtor. It is tensile and can be installed in the tractor cabin. Its pressure makes it possible to spread the desired quantity. Electricl flow regulator, more practical and lighter that the manual regulator.
  • Leaf-spring coupling. All our trailers have a set of leaf springs (9 to 13 leaves) in the coupling, depending on their capacity. With this mechanism we avoid sudden jolts to the tractor and provide more stability for the trailer on the road. Coupling design permits a very acceptable turning radius for the tractor.
  • Spreading rollers of 540 and 1.000 rpm. From model Compact 600 on, we equip the trailers with double light installations
  • Low pressure tyres. Correct choice of tyres is a great importance. Follow the manufacturer's advice.
  • Open at the front of the trailer so that the correct funcioning of the chain can be checked.
  • This is useful for maintenance operations.
  • The steering back axle forced is a very interesting option, since we have controlled the directional at all times, recommended for large machines or have to work on uneven ground.
  • Hydraulic long-arm mincer activated with double-direction cylinders so that closing is more perfect. The gate can be moved toward the back to take fuller advantage of trailer capacity.
  • Leaf spring bogie with directional fan (depending on model), speed serial lines 700, 750, 800
  • Open at the front of the trailer so that the correct funcioning of the chain can be checked.
  • This is useful for maintenance operations.
  • All our trailers are equipped with four high resistance chains. Another important advantage is that the chain works on the edges of the box, ensuring perfect cleaning with manure and silage.
  • Detailed chain tensioning system
  • The N series has a side height of 1 m and interior width of 2 m. Equipment of the series is the following: 4 hydraulic drag chains, boogie springs of 14 T of capacity, wheels of 15 x 22,5, 2 vertical fans at 540 rpm, double-effect hydraulic cutter, leaf-spring coupling, fron grid. A box in Stainless Steel can be optionally provided.
  • Silage trailer inside view, Compact and Compact line N , Optionally can be equipped to serve silage increases            

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