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Compost Starter is a package of microbes that aid in the breakdown of carbons in the composting process.

RECOMMENDED RATE: Use 1.2 ounces (dry) of Compost Starter per cubic yard of raw material. This 9# (144 oz) bucket will treat 120 cubic yards of material.

MIXING: Reconstitute by soaking the dry Compost Starter in lukewarm, non-chlorinated water for 12-18 hours. Use approximately 4 gallons of water for each 9# bucket of dry Compost Starter (or 3-4 fluid ounces of water/1 dry ounce of Compost Starter). After reconstituting, add enough additional non-chlorinated water to equal enough total liquid for two pile applications.

APPLICATION: Apply to the compost pile after (1) the pile temperature has increased and stabilized at 120-150°F and (2) the pile moisture has equalized at 50-55%. This is usually about three days after building the pile. Turn the pile between the first and second applications.

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