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Composting System


The Thöni composting technology is applied in an aerobic treatment process to produce valuable quality compost from source-segregated bio- and green waste.

The aerobic treatment of organic waste generally involves two steps: the intensive composting process and the maturing process. The purpose of the closed intensive composting process in addition to a controlled acceleration of the composting process is to sanitize the material. The mainly decomposed material is then moved to the final composting process for final maturation.
The Thöni Dynamic Module (TDM) and the Thöni Static Module (TSM) are used for the intensive composting process.

The TDM is a completely enclosed composting module with integrated forced ventilation, efficient exhaust system as well as automatic loading and unloading. A targeted process management allows a high composting yield. In addition, the closed conveyor systems helps materials handlings during the intensive composting phase.

An alternative is the TSM, which is a closed composting unit made of reinforced concrete with a front gate, having an integrated forced ventilation system and efficient exhaust system. A wheel loader is used to load and unload the module. As an option the TSM - equipped with an automatic loading unit - can be used as 'AutoTSM'.

The exhaust from the closed composting modules TDM, TSM and AutoTSM is captured and sent to an efficient exhaust treatment unit located within the bio-filter system.

The final composting (maturing process) is done on an improved area outdoors or inside a hangar. Forced ventilation that is integrated into the floor of this area provides equal ventilation for the windrows and thereby ensures perfect maturation of the final product. In addition, wheel loaders or windrow moving units can be used for turning the windrows.

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