Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI)


BioControl’s CRFI is designed for research centers and the demanding dairy and beef farms that want optimal control and insight in animal feed intake. The system is very versatile and can be extended with recording of animal weight and water intake. Modules of the CRFI-system can also be implemented: only access control gates or only mangers for feed intake recording.

CRFI gives individual cows access to specified mangers that are placed on weighing cells. The purpose is to record individual feed intake, e.g. to evaluate feed conversion ratio.

Cows are identified by means of neck transponders or ear tags. If the cow is allowed access to a specific manger the gate goes down. When the allowed access time for that period is up, the access gate goes up to push the cow away from the manger so that another cow can get to the gate.

The weight of the manger is measured before and after cow access and the weight difference is transferred to the central computer for analysis.

CRFI is fit for variety of transponders:

  • collar: DeLaval B-type, Westfalia FDX-B, others 
  • ear tags: ISO 11784/11785 HDX and FDX-B

CRFI can be supplied with different manger sizes: 100 cm and 120 cm wide

Tare and calibration procedure easy at the gate

The manger is placed on a frame and resting on two electronic load cells. Byturning the manger it is easy to empty and clean it.

To prevent a cow to drive out another cow from the station and steal a part of the ration, the stations are divided by  metal races, or stall dividers that are available  for two stall breadths and dimensions.

The complete system for monitoring and controlling the Roughage Feed Intake is also available in a version without the access gate. The intake is registered, but it is not possible to control the amount of consumed feed or the pattern of access to feed.

It is also possible to add a cow scale to be placed in the concentrate feed station. The weight data are then also recorded in the central processor.

We also offer a lid on the manger to prevent spill of feed.

CRFI-elements can also be used as ‘stand-alone’ modules:

  • Access control gate without mangers to give individual cows access to different feed sorts (hi-value ingredients, minerals, etc.)
  • Mangers on weighing cells without access gates to measures feed intake (roughage, TMR) of individual cows to assess feed conversion ratio’s.

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