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The Honeyville Conveyor Support, sometimes referred to as a 'Catwalk', is designed to support your drag conveyor as it spans between structures.  The support is 46' wide, which includes 22' of space for a conveyor and a 24' wide galvanized grip surface walkway.  It can accommodate Honeyville's HD-F9, HD-F13, and HD-F16 Flat Bottom Drag Conveyors.

  • All Galvanized steel construction for long life and minimum maintenance
  • 24' Truss
  • 24' Wide galvanized grip surface walkway with toe shield
  • 42' Tall handrails on both sides

The Honeyville 4624C Conveyor Support has been engineered, tested, and certified to accommodate the following conditions based on 40' clear span structures:

  • Weight loading of 140 pounds per lineal foot
  • Snow loading of 55 pounds per square foot
  • Wind loading of 110 MPH

When spanning distances greater than 40', you can incorporate a Honeyville Support Tower or Sidewall Tower.

Accessory items available for the Conveyor Support include:

  • 10' Long Manwalk By-Pass for improved clearance around the motor and gear drive
  • Adjustable Catwalk Riser Assemblies
    • Available with a Sloped or Flat top track
    • Assemblies are available in a variety of height ranges from 2' through 36'
      • The vertical channels are punched for the maximum height position of the stated range
      • Other heights in the stated range can be achieved by clamping and drilling new holes in the field.

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