Cop-8 is a proven fungicidal water repellent preservative for lumber and plywood used in above-ground applications. Its active ingredient is copper-8-quinolinolate, which is carried in a light petroleum solvent and applied to wood under pressure.

Cop-8 is the only wood preservative accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in contact with agricultural food products. It has been used for many years in truck beds and refrigerated storage structures.

In addition to food-handling applications, Cop-8 is ideal for above-ground exterior uses such as playground equipment, picnic tables and decking. It can be used to treat a variety of wood species, and because Cop-8 is an oil-borne water repellent, the wood is less likely to warp or split when exposed to sun and rain.

While southern pine is the species most often treated, Cop-8 can be used to treat a variety of softwoods and hardwoods.

Such species include, but are not limited to, southern pine, Douglas fir, western red cedar, red oak, keruing (apitong), kapur, white oak, hemlock, redwood and white fir.

Treatment with Cop-8 does not change the color of the wood, other than darkening from the moistening effect of the oil-borne treatment. It weathers to a natural grey color.

Cop-8 treated wood is a specialty item that is usually not inventoried by lumberyards. It is, however, readily available on special order. Lead time depends on wood procurement time.

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