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- Liquid Copper Product



CopCheck™ is a registered liquid copper product that offers solid performance across a wide range of water conditions. When used early and at the recommended rates CopCheck™ keeps Algae and Shrimp in “Check”, assisting your rice seedling in getting the needed time to breach the surface and continue toward maturity.

CopCheck™ ‘s active ingredient is the biologically active form of the copper ion (Cu++), the cupric form of copper toxic to Algae and Shrimp. CopCheck™’s copper is already fully dissolved and more importantly, the release of it’s active ingredient is controlled by biological demand, such as developing Algae spores and not by water conditions like high hardness or alkalinity, typical of water conditions in some parts of the North State Rice area.  CopCheck™’s allows you to treat your rice fields early and prior to any outbreak od algae. The copper will not precipitate out of solution but will remain available to control the target pest.

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