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- Hydraulic Vertical Knives


Countrywide Engineering has designed and engineered the Hydraulic Vertical Knife to handle Australian conditions. Our Vertical Knives are reliable. In fact, the same knife bodies have been helping Australian farmers for more than a decade. Since 1989, hundreds of farmers across Australia have used our vertical knives because of the tool’s versatility and reliability. Our vertical knife can handle most farmers’ cropping requirements and will keep on working all day.


An 80CC hydraulic motor drives our Vertical Knife. The hydraulic source is from the hydraulic Reel-Drive motor by redirecting the hydraulic return hose to the Vertical Knife circuit, before returning to the oil reservoir.

This hydraulic system maintains a steady 160 to 240 cycle-per-minute to the knife bodies.

This system ensures a steady cutting action that keep going for as long as you need it.


Our vertical knives are designed and engineered in RH and LH configurations. The knives are mounted on the cutting tables using adaptors (RH and LH) that are specifically designed to fit all makes and models of front.

Many farmers across Australia use Countrywide Engineering’s Vertical Knife because of its reliability and versatility.

  • Designed and Built for Australian Conditions
  • Easily Modified to suit multiple crops
  • Strong durable framework
  • Simple configuable with most combine harvesters

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