Crimson Azalea


The 'Crimson Azalea' series was developed from a sport of the Red Formosa Southern Indica group. The 'Crimson Azalea' will bring a normally green landscape alive with its contrasting color.  The three (3) varieties / sizes enable the landscaper to use them in all landscapes.

  • Full size Indica azalea
  • Foundation planting on walls with no windows
  • Excellent for out plantings
  • New growth is as showy as blooms
  • Will grow to 5 - 8 feet high and spread, but can be easily maintained at 4 feet
  • Blooms sparatically in spring

  • Semi-dwarf Indica azalea  
  • Foundation planting under high windows
  • Very few blooms     
  • New growth is very showy 
  • Maintains its color year round    
  • Will grow to 4 - 6 feet high , but can be easily maintained at 3 foot   
  •  Seldom blooms

  • DwarfIndiesazalea
  • Foundation planting under low windows and porches
  • Also used as frontal planting
  • Good as potted plant 'Grows to 18-24 inches
  • Doesn't bloom
The benefit of the “Crimson” series is the wonderful contrast it provides with the variety of greens in the landscape. Color contrast enhances the landscape so as to make a basically green landscape “come alive”  with its wonderful crimson/burgundy color. The outstanding crimson foliage of this azalea allows you to lace color throughout your landscape all year long. The 'Crimson Series' don't bloom as much as other azaleas.  There are three different sizes allowing you the right plant for any landscape application.

The most outstanding and distinguishing characteristic of the series is the unique foliage coloration. The leaves are crimson on the upper and lower surfaces; shades of green are somewhat evident on the upper surface, less so on the lower. The crimson color is more intense on the new foliage and diminishes somewhat as the leaves age, resulting in the older foliage having a deep crimson/green hue.

The foliage of the “Queen” is lighter than that of the “Princess” but darker than that of the “Majesty.” The series has an upright, dense and spherical growth habit under normal fertilization and moisture conditions. Can be planted in full sun, partial shade, or full shade. For best foliage color results, plant in full sun or partial shade.

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