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Cultivation Gutters


Good discharge of drainage water is essential. PB Techniek’s in-house manufactured steel cultivation gutters guarantee a perfect solution and seamless fit with your operations. Operationally secure, hygienic and durable.

  • As standard, gutters are produced from two-sided galvanised steel sheet, 0.6 mm or 0.8 mm, protected by a 40 microns total poly-urethane coating internally and a 10 mu protective primer externally.
  • The wide drainage channel is fully covered, ensuring that even with gutter lengths of up to 150 metres drainage water discharge will be problem free.
  • A wide drainage channel to increase drainage capacity, complemented by a solid construction.
  • Strong gutter, due to its unique form and appropriate bends.
  • The gutters remain clean externally.
  • No waste can enter the drainage water channel.
  • Minimal algae growth, as the channel is closed to sunlight.
  • The substrate slabs are placed on insulation material, meaning no temperature rise translated to the roots in the event of the gutter warming up.
  • The strong PU-coating will remain intact and undamaged, as the substrates do not come into direct contact with the steel gutters.

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