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- Current John Deere Firming Wheels


The image to the right illustrates both the former 1” x 10” seed firming wheel (right wheel) together with the more recent John Deere 0.8” x 9” seed firming wheel (left wheel) which was introduced during the summer of 2006. Despite the new wheel being 0.2” narrower and tapered on both sides, these improvements still don’t allow it to fit down into the seed slot in most field conditions. Increasing the firming wheel down-pressure does help to push it down into the seed slot within loose soils, but any weight transferred to the firming wheel must be subtracted from the down pressure available to the disc opener. Weight transfer is important because weight on the disc blade is frequently a factor which limits performance of the John Deere single disc seeder, especially in hard dry soils or when working with heavy residue.

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