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Custom Single Bed Onion Harvesters



When onion farmers consider options to eliminate costly hand labor, they always think of Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc. Lee Shuknecht manufactures a full line of self-propelled and pull behind single bed onion harvesters that maintain quality and handle high volumes while reducing expensive labor. This veteran of onion harvesting manufactures two pull-behind models, the PB-66 and PB-80, in addition to the self-propelled SP-80.

The PB-66 gently picks the onions, tops them, loads them, and returns the tops and trash to the ground, all using only one operator. Using a 48' chain, the PB-66 can work a swath up to 66' wide. The PB-80 also uses a single operator to perform the same functions, its chain width is 62 ½' and it can work up to 80' in a single pass. The low-maintenance, self-propelled SP-80 is a direct loader that eliminates windrowing and provides the highest percentage of topping. It can pick up two 40' beds for a total width of 80' and gently load the onions at a rate of one to three tons per minute. The SP-80 is powered with a 190 hp turbo diesel engine and includes 31' wide high-traction flotation tires with four-wheel drive posi-traction for muddy or mucky conditions. Cab controls include the height and speed of the pick-up elevator, loading elevator height and speed, topper height and speed, ground speed, and blower velocity. Optional operations such as direct harvesting, pre-pulled topping harvesting, and non-topping loads, in addition to opening fields, are all available.

Pull Behind Models

  • PB-66
  • PB-80

Self-Propelled Models

  • SP-80


  • Picks Up - Tops - Loads/Returns to ground to open field
  • Save Labor Costs
  • One Operator
  • Gentle Handling
  • Removes Trash
  • 66' Wide (48' Chain)


  • Picks Up - Tops - Loads/Returns to Ground
  • Save Labor Cost
  • One Operator
  • Gentle Handling
  • Removes Trash
  • 80' Wide Pick Up (62 1/2' Chain)


  • Eliminates Windrowing
  • Direct Loads (Picks up two 40' beds - up to 80')
  • Low Maintenance
  • Highest Percentage of Topping
  • Tops & Loads 1 -3 Tons per Minute
  • Gentle Handling

Single Operator Options

  • Harvest - Direct
  • Harvest - Pre-Pulled Topping
  • Non-Topping Load
  • Return To Ground to open field
  • Opening Fields

Single Operator Cab Controls

  • Pick-Up Elevator Height & Speed
  • Topper Height & Speed
  • Ground Speed
  • Blower Velocity
  • Loading Elevator Height & Speed

Self-Propelled Harvester Components

  • 190 HP Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 31' Wide Traction Flotation Tires
  • Four Wheel Drive Posi-Traction


  • Agricultural Equipment

Delivery Location

  • Worldwide

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