- Model 40 - 3 Point Fertilizer Toolbar



The Demco 40' 3 point mounted fertilizer toolbar is built with high quality and features for you to get the job done. With our Saddle Tank Systems and Lil' Thumper Ground Driven Pumps, we are no stranger to fertilizer equipment. Our SideQuest Saddle Tank Systems are the perfect fit for our 40' 3 point fertilizer toolbar. This setup will provide you with good capacity for side-dressing, with excellent visibility in the field, and superior maneuvering which will minimize crop damage.

  • Center & middle section have double 5” x 7” tubing.
  • Wing “kick-up” feature lifts the wings up 8 degrees to prevent crop damage when turning around at the ends of the field.
  • Center linkage with two cylinders – one for folding and one for wing “kick-up”. Two separate hydraulic blocks allow the toolbar to be unfolded in the wing “kick-up” position which prevents the coulters from crashing into the ground during unfolding. 
  • Hydraulic down-pressure keeps the coulters in the ground and can be easily adjusted without using tools.
  • Built in “flex” allows the inner wing to move 8 degrees above and below horizontal.
  • 40’ toolbar can fold down to 30’.
  • One 20.5 x 8” 10 ply gauge wheel is mounted on each wing as standard equipment. Gauge wheels have removable pins for quick & easy in-field adjustment.

  • Transport width is 19’ 7”.
  • Weight is 3,992 lbs (without coulters).

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