Di-Ammonium Phosphate DAP Fertilizers


It is the result of phosphoric acid transformation: DAP (most commonly used binary fertilizer), TSP (full phosphate fertilizer), MAP (binary fertilizer consisting of two fertilizing agents: phosphorus and nitrogen) and NPK (ternary fertilizer made of three elements: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium). OCP also introduced a new range of phosphate products to the market, based on a high performance, sustainable agriculture approach: Performance Phosphate Products® (PPP).

Use: Soil fertilization.

  • In bulk
  • 50 kg bags

Physical characteristics

  • pH : 7
  • Loose density : 0,90
  • Packed Density : 1,02
  • Physical state : Granule
  • Appearance : Light brown / brown and black

Chemical characteristics

  • Nitrogen : 18 % N
  • Phosphorus : 46 % P2O5

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