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Diagonal Plow



STARK-diagonal plow is a standard snow removal tool, which is ideal for snow removal on urban pedestrian and bicycle paths, road networks and outdoor areas. The plow can be used in tractors, real estate maintenance machines and wheel loaders. It is available in different sizes for a wide range of different machines.

Snow throwing capability of the plow is very good because of optimized wing geometry and blade angle. The plow is easy and stable to push through it’s robust structure, optimized weight and good floating capabilities on the road. It has a vertical and horizontal flotation, which ensures the snow plowing even at higher speed.  The plow is supported by legs which enables smooth drive and flat surface after the snow removal. 

Formation of snow drift is low because of optimal blade angle and center of gravity. Flotation is arranged through a separate fitting frame, which can easily changed  to another frame if the same plough is used in different machines which have different kinds of fastenings for attachments.

The plow can be turned with two cylinders into an angle of + / - 38 °. To avoid the damages in collisions the plow’s hydraulic system is protected by pressure relief valve and spring-loaded trigger mechanism. The plough is also available with the Relax-blade system equipped with a trigger, which will significantly increase safety and reduce breakage of snow plowing equipment by collision.

The plow can be equipped either flat, perforated or tooth blade. Optional snow stopper on the side of the plow is an useful feature when there are many road crossings on the way.

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