Door System


Arntjen has the right door system for every specific purpose. The technology integrated into our folding doors is safe and convenient
and can easily be controlled with a remote control. They have proven fit for practical use for many years. One drawback is, however,
that each meter of passage height requires approx. 17 cm of storage space as the folding door is folded together when opening. This
does not pose a problem in tall buildings.

Roller shutter doors are available in different models. The simplest option is operated manually and an ideal choice for doors which do not need to be opened and closed on a regular basis – storage buildings, young cattle barns, etc.

In contrast, passageways in dairy cattle sheds should be equipped with bar roller shutters. These models can be equipped with a remote control as well. They are designed to withstand high wind loads. They also come with a closing edge safety device. This prevents man and animal from sustaining harm while the door is being closed.

Remote controlled doors are the perfect choice not only in the winter time but also during the transitional period on cold and windy days as they keep the desired warmth in the shed and prevent man and animal from being exposed to drafts.

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