Double or Triple Axle Silage Trailers


Double or triple axle silage trailers. High-capacity tapered body. Loading volumes between 40 m³ and 50 m³.

Quick and easy unloading
The tapered body (2m35 at the front and 2m40 at the back) makes the unloading operation easier and prevents blockages. Either with an hydraulic 2-gear drive or with a mechanical drive by PT.O.-shaft (option), the unloading operation is carried out in a minimum of time.

Riding comfort
The standard mounted hitching suspension with parabolic leaves ensures driving comfort

Traction ease
Either with the Roll-Over boggie, the Hydro-Tandem or -Tridem running gear, the needed traction power is limited

Ease of use
Standard equipments like the hydraulic skid, the control box, as well as options like the cover and the retractable bumper make everyday use easier.

High visibility
The front face made is made up of a perspex plate, which provides the user with a high visibility on the load.

  • Cattle breeding
  • Construction tipping trailer
  • Muck spreaders
  • Others
  • Range
  • Shop
  • Slurry tankers
  • Transport

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