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- High Speed Composting System



DRT (DENA RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY) is a High-Speed Composting (Fermentation & Drying) System which can convert a batch of organic matter or waste into value-added products such as fertilizer or animal feed within 2-24 hour. The base technology of DRT is to reproduce the natural circulation system in the machine for short time oper-ation. The material such as organic waste, food processing waste and sludge are thrown into the reactor and is vacuumed to maintain a certain boiling point. Thus an ide-al condition for the high-speed composting is provided and the material is dehydrated in a short time.

  • It can recycle tons of waste within 2-24 hours
  • Capacity range from 10 kg/day to 300 tons/day
  • No wastewater is produced; the water from the waste is used for the steam in the system
  • High saline and moisture content waste can be treated
  • There is no smoke or pollution, 100% environmental friendly, can exchange car-bon credits as per the Kyoto protocol
  • The output is bacteria free
  • No bad odour during the process
  • Compact size and less area required
  • The system is multipurpose, same system can be used for water recycling as well

  • The compact systems Converts all organic waste into Compost /Animal feed within 24 hours.
  • No sorting required, can take fruit pits, nuts, oyster shells, clam shells, bones, hard rinds
  • High salinity and Acidic wastes can be handled
  • Low power and low operating cost
  • Quite operation
  • Our machine comes with Pulveriser, which will shred all waste if required before it is fed into the chamber.
  • Microbes are not required regularly and we would supply it at free of cost.
  • No harmful gas emissions emitted
  • No odour, the output product will not smell no matter how bad the input waste smells.
  • No water discharge, all moisture would be evaporated and all waste fed would be digested fully

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