Dump Rake


ROWSE Rakes handle hay gently, so more leaf matter is retained in the windrow and in the bale or stack. ROWSE doesn’t “roll” hay like a side delivery rake; instead, the flexible design of ROWSE Hydraulic Rakes follow the contour of the ground and pick up more hay on uneven fields. You put hay into the windrow that other methods leave on the ground. ROWSE’S’s positive hydraulic operation lets you dump and then return to pickup position quicker.

Put up high quality hay every time you harvest the “Rowse Way”


  • > hay cures in the swath, for faster, more uniform drying
  • > save more protein, vitamin and mineral value
  • > bale or stack sooner to retain more of the hay crop’s nutrient value. Put up more tons per hour with less chance of the hay getting rained on or becoming too dry

Your Way

No matter what your haying system, with a ROWSE Rake you can make the size of windrow you need to fit your system – even in light or uneven hay – for baling or stacking. A ROWSE Rake is ideal for making big windrows for large round balers.

Cut Haying Costs

Lower Initial Investment
ROWSE equipment has been and continues to be known for superior quality, yet initial costs are lower than most competitive equipment.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Quality workmanship means greater field dependability and fewer breakdowns. ROWSE Rakes are designed with fewer moving parts for less wear and no expensive parts to replace.

Higher Capacity
ROWSE equipment has been found to reduce haying time for a shorter hay harvest. Raking your windrows to “just-the-right-size” means fewer trips through the field for baling or stacking.


  • > almost floats over uneven ground to pick up hay. Five rubber tires provide smoother operation with minimum power.
  • > absorb shock & strain thus protecting rake teeth from breakage.
  • > One double-acting hydraulic cylinder operates from tractor hydraulic system.
  • > Makes other types of rakes obsolete. Ask the farmers and ranchers who own them.
  • > Sizes: 25′, 30′, 36′, 42′.


  • > Four-wheel, rubber tire carriage arranged so the rake follows uneven ground.
  • > Hold-down springs and flexible frame minimizes chance of breaking teeth.
  • > One double-acting cylinder provides fast, positive operation.
  • > Sizes: 16′, 20′, 24′, 28′.

Easy Transporting

Converting your ROWSE Rake from operating position to transport position can be accomplished in these three easy steps.

  1. Unhook the tractor from main tongue, lift rake out of the
  2. Hitch tractor or pickup to short transport tongue on end
  3. Swing and lock rear wheel into position.

It takes only seconds and you’re off down the highway at speeds up to 50mph behind a car or pickup. With a ROWSE Rake both end wheels lock in two positions – for operation and for transport. Center wheels operate like castor wheels and automatically turn into transport position when you pull away.

Rake width is a narrow 8′ (approx.) in transport position, enabling you to drive safely through narrow bridges, field gates or down the open road.

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