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- Model 50 - Truck-Mounted Straight-Blade Tree Transplanting Spades



Dutchmans straight-blade 50” truck mount is ideal for digging up to 5” trees. The overall weight of the unit is light enough to go on a 19,000GVW, single-axle truck. Minimum cab-to-axle needs to be 84 inches. Built with the same quality and durability you have come to know from Dutchman.

Contrary to popular belief, Dutchman does manufacture Truck-Mounted straight-blade spades currently up to 60-inch. All Dutchman's truck-mount blades are made from AR 400 steel and set on a 25-degree angle for optimum dept-to-width ratio when digging. This is ideal for deep tap-rooted trees like Pecans, Oaks, and Pears.

  • All Dutchman's spades have a high strength,low-profile frame which makes it easy to back under low branched trees.
  • The blades on a Truck Mount are coned up so as to ensure no soil loss. The spades come with either manual valves or electronic controls. With the electronic feature, we could mount a secondary control inside the cab of the truck.
  • In keeping with Dutchman's goal of providing optimum nursery equipment for the end user, we are planning to provide larger truck-mounts in the future. Our vision includes superior blade configuration for overall digging efficiency.

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