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- Hypochlorous Acid Molecule

EfferCept has been proven effective at killing mastitis-causing organisms through National Mastitis Council (NMC) Protocols. Using a special hypochlorous acid molecule, this economical pre and post dip option maximizes its killing power while eliminating corrosive effects often found with bleaches and iodine-based products. On contact, EfferCept kills 99.99 percent Staphylococcus aureus, 99.87 percent of Streptococcus agalactiae and is proven effective against mycoplasma. Even in the presence of dirt, manure, and other organic matter, the active ingredient in EfferCept controls a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

EfferCept = The Perfect Pre-Dip

EfferCept is a tablet that is mixed in potable water which creates a clear solution perfect for pre-dipping!

EfferCept + SoftGuard = The Perfect Post-Dip

SoftGuard is a conditioning additive (Blue or Clear) that can be added to the EfferCept solution to help add additional skin conditioning and softness. SoftGuard is added to the EfferCept solution to make the perfect post dip.

Teat Care

This is where it all began! Activon Technology was designed to kill mastitis causing organisms while remaining mild on teats and skin. EfferCept is a great product to meet the demands of today's dairy. EfferCept achieved a 'highly effective' reduction in intramammary infections as tested by Louisiana State University. Testing was conducted under the National Mastitis Counsel's Protocol guidelines.

The Product

Available in 50 and 220 count jars or 1540 count pail (385 gallons). A convenient tablet that is added to any drinkable water. The tablet dissolves within 2-3 minutes and is ready for immediate use. The solution remains stable and can be stored for approximately one week. Also available: 1 gallon and 5 gallon mixing containers. Proven effective against staph, strep, and mycoplasma organisms.

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