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Expansion Mansion Economical Commercial Greenhouse



When you’re a new grower, you’ve got to start somewhere, and our economical Expansion Mansion makes that easy to do! If you’re an established grower you’ll enjoy the simplicity of upgrading and expanding as your needs evolve with this highly versatile structure. The Expansion Mansion provides you with loads of feature selections—like poly film or polycarbonate sheeting, and a wide range of environmental systems. So whether you’re new or established, you’ll certainly benefit from a structure that gets you started and keeps you going for years of profitability.

Economical Advantage:
One of the most economical growing structures for its class, this structure delivers quality and affordability.

Optimal Ventilation:
The thermostatically controlled side wall ventilation system provides maximum circulation.

Connection Options:
Assemble as a freestanding structure, or gutter-connect to other Expansion Mansions.

Poly-Vent Natural Ventilation Systems
With our Poly-Vent ventilation system you’ll have an economical alternative to rack & pinion, and you’ll save in a host of other ways, too. Save on electrical bills by reducing the use of large fans, save on heating costs because Poly-Vent’s dead air space provides an effective layer of insulation, and reduce your maintenance time with fewer moving parts.

Variety of Doors
You can order your Expansion Mansion with a multitude of different doors for work flow and ventilation.

Various percentages of knitted shade cloth are available from 30% and up. Includes edge taped hems and grommets. Custom sizes are available as well as stock sizes for our most popular structures.

Environmental Controls

Control all aspects of your growing environment.


Schaefer fiberglass exhaust fans and Plant-Air HAF  circulation fans give you many choices for mechanical ventilation.

Roof & End Wall Polyethylene

A choice of clear 6 mil. roof polyethylene with clear poly on the end walls. Our poly coverings are UV stabilized, and come with a four-year limited warranty.

Wiggle Wire

Used on thousands of greenhouses, Wiggle Wire has proven to be a
low-cost, effective system to attach polyethylene or shade material to greenhouses. Quick and easy to use, the Wiggle Wire attachment system requires no tools.

Shade Cloth

Various percentages of knitted shade cloth are available from 30% - 90%.

Inflation Kit

Our pre-assembled roof inflation kit creates an insulating dead air space between a double layer poly roof for greater energy efficiency and visual appeal. Gives you that nice tight, even poly look. Includes blower, heavy-duty mounting bracket, flex tube and air-transfer gaskets.

Width 21'

Door (2) 3' wide x 6'-8' tall

Length 24 to 96 feet (in 6-foot increments)

Roof cover clear 6 mil. UVI treated polyethylene

Sidewall height 6', 7' or 8'

End wall cover clear 6 mil. UVI treated polyethylene

Height at apex 11'-4'

Frame 2' O.D. 14 gauge galvanized steel tubing

Frame spacing 4 or 6 foot

Ventilation Poly-Vent or Slide-Side

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