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Farming Systems

The ADF Farming Systems PAG is engaged in the areas of national research, development and extension for ADF and sets priorities for the organisation within this field.

farming system is made up of elements (all of which impact on each other) to create an overall system.  Understanding the whole system sequence and the interrelation of these elements is essential in assessing potential impacts and assisting in investment decisions.

There is a wide range of farming systems across the dairying regions of Australia and considerable flexibility is required by dairy farmers to effectively farm a country that has so much variability in its natural physical and environmental elements.

Opportunities can be gained through well-informed and skilled planning to optimise the farming system suitable for these differing situational elements - all with the aim of achieving profitable farming and better environmental outcomes.

Herd improvement covers recording and evaluating herd performance data (incorporating herd testing and animal data) and utilising breeding values to improve productivity, genetic merit and profitability of dairy herds.

The Farming Systems PAG aim is to improve ADF’s policy development capability relating to farming systems, decision making tools, biotechnology, and cattle genetics and herd improvement and consequently allow ADF to provide stronger leadership and direction for the farm sector.

The current areas of focus include;

Farming Systems

The PAG focus covers the following priority areas;

  1. Dairy Moving Forward programs
    • Animal Performance
    • Feedbase, pasture, fodder, nutrition
    • Farm business management
  2. Biotechnology

These areas include Dairy Australia farming systems programs; farm decision making tools; Regional Development Program engagement; biotechnology and GM.

Herd improvement

The PAG focus covers the following priority areas;

  1. Dairy Futures Cooperative Research Centre
  2. Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS)

These areas include RD&E investment priorities, genetics, gene markers, herd improvement, herd fertility, genetic information systems and data capture.

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