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Feed Production Treatment System


Feed production treatment system generates variety of high valued feed products based on one’s need. There are different kinds of organic wastes, and some wastes contain more nutritive value. Such organic wastes can be used as raw materials for feed production using this system. Feed production treatment system not only imparts benefit to the industry, but also will give new appearance and identity to the company.

Application: Aquaculture set up factory to manufacture feed to reduce the cost of feeding, and also reduce the waste processing fee. For example: domestic fowls farm, fish farm, pig farm, tobacco factory, wines factory, food can factory, drink factory, etc.

Feed Production Treatment System

Two models: Standard model and Commercial model

The feed production treatment system is similar to the solid  type treatment system, except a few differences exist in the additive prescriptions and final product, which is in the pelleting form.

Raw materials: Any wastes with higher nutrition values can be used.


Decomposing system
Shattered organic waste residues are transported to the decomposing system. Special additives are added to the product according to the deficient of the nutrient components. In addition, the wastes are heated to 100˚C to assure sterilization of organic material. These steps are achieved faster while transforming the organic waste to animal feed.

Transport system
After fermentation, the material is transported for pellet production unit.

Pelleting system
After fermentation, the product can be mixed with nutrient additives or can be directly converted to pellet form by using the system.

Recycled product
The end product can be used to produce high quality feed or feed additives. This system can also be used to produce livestock feed and fish feeds exclusively.

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