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Feed Storage Structure


The Harvestore structure uses glass-fused-to-steel technology developed in 1949.  During the past fifty-plus years our processes have been refined, techniques improved, and most importantly, experience has been gained. Today's Harvestore structure represents the knowledge acquired by processing hundreds of thousands of glass-fused-to-steel sheets, used in structures around the world.


With a Harvestore structure, you can load forage at the top and push a button to unload it from the bottom. You can be feeding previously stored feed from a structure... and at the same time be adding fresh forage at the top. It easily functions as the cornerstone of your storage and feeding system. Also, the structure is designed for pushbutton, automated feeding. You stay indoors, not outside in the rain or snow.


With forage, bottom unloading combined with top filling keeps the rations being fed more consistent from day to day. The chances for abrupt feed quality changes are greatly reduced because the first feed in is the first feed out.


Your authorized Engineered Storage Products Company agricultural dealer has a computer program called StoragePro'.  It is an impartial, comparative feed storage analysis that uses data from your farm and calculates your real life feed storage costs.

Using the StoragePro analysis program, you can compare the differences in feed storage costs. What are the costs with a Harvestore structure? What are costs of other feed storage methods? That depends on your numbers. The first step in controlling feed costs is knowing what they are. The accompanying chart is for a sample farm. For your costs, see your authorized dealer.

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