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Fish Lice Treatment Tarpaulins  At Tom Morrow Tarpaulins we have the edge over our competitors as we are the first to develop and manufacture the lightweight nylon treatment tarpaulin. All our Nylon delousing tarpaulins are now even stronger with the use of our new 355g high tensile nylon coupled with extra strong reinforcements, lifting points that utilise 6 ton webbing and steel rings. Customers are guaranteed the strongest, most durable product on today's market.

We manufacture a wide range of tarpaulins to suit all types of cages from 12mtr sq to 124mtr circumference, size is never an issue. We have worked close with fish Farmers over the years to adapt to their specific needs incorporating strength, ease of use for deploring / removing and different shapes and design of tarpaulin.

We can produce feed covers from 1 ton to 30 ton, manufactured from heavy duty PVC. The larger covers can have lifting points incorporated for ease of use. We also manufacture feed covers with extra strong nylon sides which makes them lighter and easier to use.


We can produce tank covers to suit any size from 2 to 30mtr. Each tank cover is hand made to suit each sites individual specification. All our tank coverings range from 85% shade nets, heavy duty PVC to full black out covers. Tank covers can have a multitude of access points, made from using zips, Velcro & eyelet flaps.

Our shade netting is available in a variety of shades ranging from 25% to 85%. Each net is made to suit each sites specification. We also supply mesh nets with reinforced rope edges. The mesh also comes in different sizes.


Our polytunnels are constructed by hand in our workshop using specialist high grade black out PVC. The tunnels allow farms to control growth and development of their fish by allowing absolutely no sunlight to penetrate into itself. The materials are extremely durable and this is enhanced with full UV protection to prevent deterioration from the elements. You will find no other company offering such a high quality product in this field.

We also have a wide range of products designed to help sites protect and manage them, we can also supply disinfection control mats for vehicles and feet to stop cross site contamination.

We can also supply sites with lifting slings, ropes, ratchets, generator covers just about everything site managers need to run a successful site.

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