Bioverse, Inc

Bioverse, Inc

Fish Tank Water Cleaner - 50 gallons



Problems such as fish waste, over feeding, slime and build-up within fish tanks are commonly associated with poor maintenance. When using the Fish Tank Water Cleaner you are able to maintain a clean and clear tank year round by removing the excess nutrients which can over take the tank environment. Treats tanks up to 50 gallons. Simply place one product packet in the dispenser, and continue to replace the packet every 30 days. The dispenser will reside at the bottom of the tank with a line attached for easy retrieval. If your fish tank is more than 50 gallons use more than one dispenser.

  • Treats water from 5 gallons to 50 gallons.
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

  1. Unscrew dispenser and remove 1 (one) bacteria packet from plastic bag .
  2. Place bacteria packet into dispenser and screw together .
  3. Place dispenser in fish tank .
  4. Replace bacteria packet every 30 days
  5. Use with existing filtration systems

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