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Flat Bottom Silos



The design of the Flat bottom silos is based upon the loads and pressures derived from the German DIN 1055 1987 standard. Structural calculation based upon BS 5950 part 5 and wind loading of 50m/sec (180m/h) for a probability period of 25 years. Wall sheets are corrugated, utilizing shallow pitch corrugation to ease material flow.

Standard ranges from 3.0m diameter 15 tonnes storage to 27.0m diameter 11000 tonnes, all silos are designed for high cyclic loading, i.e. high usage of product in and out and at high tonnage rates. Silo roof, wall sheet and vertical stiffener material is manufactured from pre-galvanised steel sheet with minimum G600 galv coating.

The silo ranges are designed, detailed, programmed and manufactured all at one site, because of this one site operation non standard silos can and often be manufactured, so if your needs are different from those in the standard range please do not hesitate to ask.

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