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Flexible Gas Holder


Device Introduction: Gas holder includes Independent gas holder and soft cover gas holder,both of them consist of internal membrane and external membrane and include blower,pressure adjusting device,volume meter,leakage detector etc.

  1. Adopted imported special film materials.External Membrane can against static electricity,ultraviolet radiation and aging. InternalMembrane can against biogas leakage,fire,abrasion,pleating and H2S;
  2. Gasholder is light in weight,lower weight pressure upon tank body than stell tank top than could protect main devices
  3. Lower pressure of independent gasholder on base,cicil work investment can be decreased;
  4. No freezing problem in winter enables operation without breakdown.

  1. Biogas recycling and storage field in livestock breeding farm, water treatment,waste recycling;
  2. Storage for lower pressure corrosive gases in chemical industry;
  3. Lower pressure gas storage in Refining,Metallurgy industries.(2000m3)

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