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- Model QD - Flexxifloat Lifter


Design - the FlexxiFloat crop lifter is a series of lifters designed specifically for use where ground conditions are uneven. These lifters will follow the fluctuations of the ground. One base rail model of FlexxiFloat lifter fits all guards that have a guard finger in front of the knife, except JD stubby guard H213398. Guard H213398 can be replaced with guard H213405 which will accept the FlexxiFloat lifter. With 5 interchangeable shoes, two interchangeable tails or the option of no tail and the ability to accommodate a lifting pan, the FlexxiFloat lifter is a great addition to the Flexxifinger line. And, of course, the FlexxiFloat uses the same patented QD attaching technology.

100 arm - This arm uses the HD finger receptor and either part #33058p or part #33060p (the padded nylon fingers). An optional 'shoe', part #20250, can be attached to the tip of the 33060p nylon finger. This shoe only fits the 33060p finger. This lifter is recommended for the recovery of downed cereal, canola and pulse crops. This lifter is NOT recommended for use in heavy wet clay type soils.

200 arm – This arm can be paired with any of the 5 available shoes (see below) and used in crops with a shorter stand and/or where the plants are more delicate such as pulses, grasses and some seeds like carrot and radish. Change shoes and adjust the set screw to limit the bottom end of the travel and this lifter will do an excellent job in many other crops.    

250 arm – The 250 arm is 2” (5cm) longer than the 200 arm. The 250 arm with any of the 5 available shoes (see below), work especially well in heavier foliage crops such as peas, canola, grain sorghum, downed corn and all cereals Combining the 250 arm with the 20234 shoe leaves a taller stubble than other combinations and works well in crops damaged by hail, sawfly or wheat stem maggot. The shoe options, tail options and the downward travel limiting adjustments that can be made to this lifter, make it the longest multipurpose lifter in the lineup.    

300 arm – The lifting portion of the 300 arm is made of UHMW. This lifter works well in all crops in dry conditions. It has also performed well in wet, clay land. This is probably the most durable all purpose lifter on the market today!    


Shoe 20231 fits the 200 arm or the 250 arm. This shoe will perform well in most conditions, in most crops. It is not recommended for use in sandy soils as there could be a tendency for it to plow a bit if the lifter travel is not set right or the header angle is off slightly.   

Shoe 20232 fits the 200 arm or the 250 arm. This shoe is designed to allow a better floatation in light sandy soil lessening the plowing effect. With proper adjustments it will still lift and perform well in cereals and peas. Not recommended for lentils or beans. 

Shoe 20233 fits the 200 arm or the 250 arm and is capable of harvesting pulses or small seed crops. This shoe works very well in combination with the 200 arm. This combination gives the shortest time from the lifter tip entering the crop to the crop being delivered onto the header. 

Shoe 20234 fits the 200 arm or the 250 arm. Recommended for hail damaged or sawfly damaged cereals. With proper adjustment, this combination will also perform well in pulse crops. This shoe extends the length of the lifter and will leave taller stubble.   

Shoe 20236 fits the 200 arm or the 250 arm. This shoe would be an excellent option on wet fields with heavy foliage crops. It performs well in downed crop conditions yet gets through tough spots like sprayer tracks, irrigation ruts, drainage ditches and terraces because it tends to ride up and over these obstacles.

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