Flower Grading Machines


The two main types are the so-called cup-grader and the so-called fork-grader. The fork graders are mainly used by rose growers. Roses are hung in the forks and the length is measured while the roses crosses a length sensor. Optional is a camera to scan the rose to identify how far it has opened. On this indicator a different grading station can be selected. The graded roses are automatically binded and cut to even bunches in the bunching stations. Cup grading is also used by rose growers, but mainly other growers like Alstroemeria because of the multiple flowers and even more delicate stems.

The fork-grader used for roses can be fitted with a device that can apply a coating onto the rosebuds. Liquidseal treatment extends the lifespan of roses in a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. The characteristics of Liquidseal coating enables beneficial influence of the perishable products metabolism. Liquidseal delivers a slow release mechanism which may allow for reduced use of pesticides. A combination of both properties may produce superior shelf life results, both economically and ecologically.

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