Fluorescence Imaging Camera


Fluorescence imaging captures the energy detectable as visible light emitted by excited molecules with the light of a specific wavelength. This is feasible by the combination of adapted illumination and filter wheels, filtering the light reaching the sensor of the camera. High intensity blue LEDs can be used for the excitation of Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP), while high intensity red LEDs are suitable for the excitation of chlorophyll molecules.

Chlorophyll fluorescence, as the light re-emitted by chlorophyll molecules during return from excited to non-excited states, is used as an indicator of photosynthetic energy conversion in higher plants. It is a useful tool to study the effects of environmental stresses on plants since photosynthesis is often lowered in plants experiencing adverse conditions, such as water deficit, temperature, nutrient deficiency, and infections by pathogens. Therefore, the measurement and analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters is considered as an important methodology for evaluating the health or status of the photosynthetic process within a leaf or whole plant.

The standard camera can be used for GFP as well as chlorophyll fluorescence imaging. Also near-infrared images can be acquired. The camera can be installed both in top view and side view configuration. For the imaging of dark or light adapted plants an adaptation tunnel can be installed.

Detailed specs:

  • Resolution: 6 Mp for small plants and 1.4 Mp for large plants
  • Sensor type: CCD
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 20 fps
  • Output: 16 bit
  • Spectral range: 350 – 900 nm

For small plant we can also offer a high speed camera for Time Resolved Chlorophyll Fluorescence Kinetics. Images are captured during the induction curve process from F0 (all reaction centers open) until Fm (all reaction centers closed) and the decay from Fm until Fs (steady state fluorescence).

Detailed specs:

  • Maximum resolution: 320 x 240
  • Sensor type: CCD
  • Frame rate at max. resolution: 380 fps
  • Maximum frame rate: 1200 fps at 80 x 60 pixels
  • Output: 14 bit
  • Spectral range: 400 – 850 nm

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