Koppert B.V.

- Fruit Fly Attractant



2.5 litres of luring substance in a plastic container. Moskisan fly trap. Canister to reduce size of opening.

Fill the trap with 200 ml of the Fruit Fly Attractant.

Hang the trap on a branch or stick using the enclosed metal hook. Hang the traps when the temperature is above 10 °C and the trees/bushes are starting to fruit. The most effective place to hang the traps is in the shade along the sides of the plot, in the hedge, and in the crop. If the crops are low, the traps should be hung at least one metre above the ground. In other crops, the traps should be hung at the same level as the crops. When the luring substance has too many flies in it or has evaporated, the traps should be refilled with new luring substance.

The traps will catch fewer Drosophila suzukii as the fruit starts to ripen.

Storage and treatment

  • In sealed packaging at a temperature of 2-30 °C
  • In a dark place
  • Batch number/best before: see top of packaging

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