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Fumimatic Machine



Machine recommended by pesticide manufacturers. Optimum size for protected crops. Optimizing the use of agrochemicals. Maximum security and quality of treatments. Greater profitability for its high work capacity and efficiency in the treatment. Low maintenance and easy handling.

Motor : Diesel LDW. 1003 FOCS
Power : 26,5 CV.
Transmission : Hydrostatic of double hydraulic system with piston pumps of variable flow
Drive : 6X6 width independent hydraulic engine

Empty weight : 700 Kg.
Total length : 2300 mm.
Height with no nozzles : 1890 mm.
Total width : 750 mm.
Wide train wheels : 850 mm.

Main tank : 400 l.
Pump : Piston 50l. a 40 bar.
Treatment Bars : Adaptable width and height for farming
Spray nozzle : Tri-directional flow
Ceramic plate and 80º hollow cone.

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