IDM Agricultura Rentable

FumiRail Machine



Maximum maneuverability. Automatic hose winder. Folding treatment booms. Up to 4 meters treatment heights. 80º ceramic hollow cone spray nozzles. Travel at high speed. Aluminum grid skid platform. Automatic spraying and forward / backward motion (optional).

  • Motor-reducer 0.8 hp and 24 V permanent magnet.
  • 0.5 C.V. and 24 V. Independent motor for hose pick up
  • Double battery, 148 Amp traction and automatic charger.
  • Ramp acceleration and smooth braking.
  • Electronic variable speed.

Weight : 250 Kg.
Total length : 1900 mm.
Width : 500 mm.
Total height with nozzles mast folded : 1800 mm.
Length of hose : 100 m.

Axle width according to pipeline width.

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