Dairy Tech, Inc.

Dairy Tech, Inc.

- Model Multi 13.2LB - Colostrum Replacer & Supplement


Provides 50 – 150 g of Globulin protein. Flexible Feeding Instructions; Each level scoop provides 50 g of Globulin protein. Exceptionally Easy Mixing Formula. Contains NeoTec4 Metabolically Active Fatty Acids. Research proven technology, numerous controlled studies show excellent absorption of globulin protein. $30.15 per replacement dose (12 per pail) or $10.05 per supplement dose (36 per pail).

Genesis® Multi can be fed as a supplement to or a replacer of maternal colostrum. Genesis® Multi is available in a 13.2 lb pail and the cup needed to measure each application is inside. You have the flexibility to mix doses on an as needed basis. You’ll be amazed at how easily Genesis® products mix; each dose can be dissolved in about 30 seconds. You’ll be able to feed colostrum faster, when it’s of greatest value to the calf.

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