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GLW Feeds are one of the largest independent, family-owned livestock and speciality feed  manufacturers in the UK, concentrating in roll, nut, pellet and meal-form compound feeds. GLW quality dairy compounds are carefully formulated incorporating the most up to date nutritional knowledge to maximise the potential of your dairy herd. Within the range there is a product to suit all requirements. Whether the need is for a high energy ration for high yields or rations to suit more extensive grazing systems, each is formulated to provide the optimum balance of nutrients to optimise feed efficiency and dairy output.

We offer a full range of dairy compounds which include specialist diets for all feeding systems including robots and out of parlour feeders, high energy diets, starch rich and controlled starch diets as well as specialist grazing diets. All our compounds are seasonally available in a range of protein levels which include 14%, 16%, 18%, 21% and 24%.

A specialist pre-calving diet is also available in our range of compounds to enable a smooth transition from the dry period into milk production.

We offer bespoke blends and meals to suit each individual need. Using our modern rationing program we can provide a custom made mineralised blend to balance the forages available on farm.

Young Stock
Within our young stock range we offer a calf starter diet perfectly suited to the young high genetic merit calf that will ensure early rumen development and maximise early growth. We have two follow on diets perfect for feeding right through the growing period for either silage or straw based feeding systems. For more information please click the link to our Lifetime Calf Response Website.

A full range of minerals are available to suit all systems with the ability to also provide bespoke mineral packages specific to your farm. Please contact your local feed specialist for more information.

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