- Liquid Fertilizer


GoldStart Liquid Fertilizer is the most popular and economical low-salt, high-orthophosphate liquid fertilizer in the PureGrade product line. It is ideally suited for in-furrow and foliar applications to boost yields and increase profits.

  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Low Salt Index
  • Chloride-Free
  • Neutral pH
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Trouble-Free
  • Seed Safe

  • Versatile Application: GoldStart can be safely placed in-furrow with the seed in most soils or positioned 2x2 from the seed during planting without fear of reduced germination. Plus, it can be foliar applied without fear of leaf damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly: When GoldStart is banded in-furrow or near the seed, fertilizer efficiency is increased by placing liquid fertilizer in the root zone. Nutrients are easily intercepted and absorbed by roots. Little fertilizer is lost to leaching or runoff.
  • Improved Yields: Banding GoldStart during planting provides growing plants easy access to a 100% water soluble mixture of N-P-K. Young plants emerge stronger, plants move quickly through the vegetative stage, earlier and more uniform tasseling occurs, and plants mature faster producing the highest quality crops with top yields.
  • Economical: GoldStart offers all the benefits of a 100% pure liquid starter at an affordable price. GoldStart can be purchased directly from your local Nutra-Flo dealer or distributor.

  • Overcomes Cool Temperatures
    Low temperatures can tie up valuable soil nutrients. Placing GoldStart in-furrow or positioned 2x2 from the seed at planting provides young root systems with an immediately available source of 100% water-soluble nutrients.
  • Reduces Stratification of Nutrients
    Stratification of nutrients occurs in low tillage fields. Banding GoldStart provides plants with a concentrated band of nutrients under the soil surface.
  • Produces Drier Corn
    GoldStart gets corn off to a faster start and moves it through the vegetative stage sooner. This in turn speeds up other growth stages, leading to faster maturing and drier corn at harvest.

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