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Golf Course Seeding


The introduction of the Turbo Turf HS-50, HS-100, and HS-150 added a new dimension the the turf management program for quality conscious golf courses.   Now a small unit is available to make quick repairs to cart damage, or other wear, or to have a unit on hand for smaller construction projects.  No there is no need to rely on someone else to do your hydro seeding.

One example of how convenient this can be is several years ago the Congressional Country club wanted to re-do 18 bunkers in getting their beautiful course ready for the US Open.  Their purchase of an HS-50-P allowed them to have full control of when and how their seeding was done for the small investment of $ 1495.00.  Some golf course construction companies have kept a small unit handy to reach areas they could not get to with a bigger unit. 

At Lake of the Woods in Fredricksburg VA, Don says he is amazed how handy his HS-100-P is.  They are always out doing small jobs with it, and when it is not seeding they are always finding uses for it such as watering their flowers.  

Richter Park did two acres along the wood line with their Turbo Turf. Tom says they have also had great results seeding wildflowers with their little unit. 


When the project is building a new course, or to make larger improvements in their course any unit from the HS-300-E or larger is up to the task.  Locally, our new upscale course Old Stonewall Golf Club used an HS-500-XPW like the one pictured above to build their course.   Turbo Turf can provide a high performance unit at very affordable prices.

We worked with Blackhawk Golf Course in Beaver Falls PA as they constructed a par 3 golf course as part of the First Tee Program.  Like many people we have a soft spot for kids and a belief that golf is a great sport that can enrich the lives of it's participants.  Follow along with this 12 acre seeding project.

For those whose business is building golf courses the HS-1000-ZX and larger have been a great choice.  The photo above shows one of a pair of  HS-1000-ZX units being used in Pueblo Mexico for the construction of La Vista Golf Club.

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