- Disc Cultivator



GOLIAT disc cultivator is designed for soil cultivation. The operation of disc cultivator is performed by two rows of offset discs, which arrangement causes aggressive cutting through the entire soil during the pass. It can be used for cultivation of the soil with well-crushed crop residues and short stubble field. Rotating discs cut through the soil and intensely mix plant residues and straw. Each tractor equipped with the cultivator must be fitted with a set of front axle weights.

Standard equipment:

  • 3-point hitch Cat 2 for a width of 3.0 m
  • drawbar Cat 3 for the widths of 4.0, 4.8 and 5.6 m
  • two rows of discs, 560 mm in diameter, 6 mm in thickness
  • boundary discs, 450 mm in diameter
  • discs sections on rubber shock absorbers
  • hydraulic adjustment of working depth
  • hydraulic actuators with mechanical locks
  • spring tensioned scraper; spring tine, 12 mm in diameter
  • working depth 150 mm
  • tubular agricultural roller for crushing and pressing, 540 mm in diameter
  • side protective screen
  • chassis with an air brake
  • 10/75-15.3 ground wheels
  • hydraulic accumulator for 4.0 m version and above
  • 3.0; 4.0 m version – a rigid frame, mounted
  • 4.0; 4.8; 5.6 m

Optional equipment:

  • V-ring roller, 600 mm in diameter
  • rubber roller, 530 mm in diameter
  • heavy tined roller, 500 mm in diameter
  • 400/60/15.5 10PR ground wheels
  • chassis with a hydraulic brake
  • i llumination for 3.0 m version

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