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Dehaco grabs are produced in The Netherlands; they are of a very high quality and are operator friendly with excellent design points. All Dehaco Grabs feature shells manufactured from Hardox 400 grade steel.

Dehaco Selector Grabs have many features exclusive to them. Their cushion-dampening cylinders mean that frame and shell contact is avoided, reducing potential damage and providing quiet operation. Dehaco grabs are low in height making them extremely maneuverable and precise for the operator. All Dehaco Grabs from the DSG600 (14 tonne machine) upward feature twin motors to spread the rotation forces leading to longer motor and slew ring life.

Dehaco produce a range of clamshell grabs both for digging and rehandling to suit machines from 16 to 45 tonnes. The design features include a low weight by utilising Hardox material, sealed pivot points and fewer moving parts.

Dehaco product a range of wood grabs to suit machines from 4 to 28 tonnes. The design incorporates features common with the Selector Grabs including low height, cylinders with end dampening and dust seals in the hinge pins.

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