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Roof rings are standard on Sukup Bins 18’ and larger. Exclusive, patent pending roof ring clips ensure that roof rings stay in place for years to come. Extra-Strong Farm Roof - 5000 lb. Sukup has designed our farm bin roof to withstand a 40 lb/sq. ft. ground snow load and wind loads generated from 90 mph gust wind speeds. The 5000 lb. roof load is standard on all farm bins up to 48’. An optional 8000 lb. roof is available for 48’ bins. The strength of Sukup roofs starts with high-strength steel. Each sheet is rigidized every 4” to increase the stiffness of the panels, making them easier to handle. 3” ribs serve as rafters for the roof structure, thereby; strengthening the sheets. The bends on each side of the ribs further increase strength, allowing Sukup roofs to withstand heavy snow loads and high winds.

The Bottom Line: Top-of-the-Line Production Equipment. When Sukup began producing bins, we invested in the most technologically advanced roll-forming equipment, built to our exacting standards, putting us decades ahead of the competition. We have continued to add to that equipment as our bin line has grown.

Our sidewall sheets start out as coils of flat steel. Our machines punch the bolt holes, form the corrugations, and create the curve in the sheets, all to our tight tolerances. We also add a coating of oil to prevent white rust. Every major component of a Sukup Grain Bin starts out as blank steel that our dedicated employees use to create a top-quality finished product that they, and you, can be proud of.

Strong and Versatile: Sukup Bin Door Sukup offers two bin door designs – a 66” door, standard for drying or storage bins with 7 or fewer rings, and a 66” door for storage bins with 8 rings or more. A 66” door is available as an option on 8 - 12 ring bins. Both doors are made of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel and are factory-assembled for a good fit and seal. Sukup Bin doors feature a reversible hinge that allows the door to open to the left or right, whichever works best for your system. The top and bottom latches on the outer door are connected for one-hand operation.

A Step Ahead: Sukup Bin Step

The Sukup bin step (included standard) is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel with a special non-slip surface that doesn’t hold water, providing sure footing, no matter what the weather. The bin step is notched to fit around Sukup anchor brackets, ensuring proper placement and a good fit.

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