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Grain Store Stirrer and Agitator

The Grain Store Agitator is a light, mobile, hand-operated stirrer machine for mixing and aerating grain and seed crops in flour stores.

  • Assists aeration and drying times
  • Breaks up crusts
  • Removes Hotspots
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Proven to save you money
  • Used for all crops and seeds
  • Low power Requirement

The machine has been manufactured in Denmark since 2004 and was initially designed to aerate seed crops.

In tests in the UK during 2006 the machine was used on a crop of rape seed which was 3 metres deep. Due to crusting on top of the crop the customer was struggling to reduce from 13% moisture content. Once over with the Grain Store Stirrer the crop was down to 9% moisture within 24 hours.

It is simple and easy to use:
  • All electric motors are mounted with a thermo switch, to protect it from overheating
  • Height adjustable ergonomic handle
  • Simply sink the stirrer into the grain and let it work while you guide the machine around the store
  • Currently available in 80, 120, 180 and 250cm stirrer lengths
  • The special design of the machine hood expels grain out through the back funnel, which in turn helps to propel the stirrer forwards

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