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Granular Urea & Prilled Urea


Urea fertiliser is a quality high concentration granular nitrogen product for all non-leguminous crops. Granular Urea (46% N) Produced from ammonia and carbon dioxide, it has the highest nitrogen content of any solid nitrogen fertilizer. Urea is used on grass early in the season or for cereal top dressings later in the season.

Granular UREA 46% N

  • Application up to 24 metres
  • Granulometry 2-4mm
  • Spreads accurately to 24m

Our Granular Urea is the highest standard from proven manufacturers. Available in either 500kg, 600kg or 1000kg bags but also available in bulk.

Prilled UREA 46% N

  • Most competitive source of N, ideals for farmers who use pneumative spreaders.
  • Granulometry 1-3mm
  • Consistent high quality material

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