Grasses Plant

Ornamental grasses have proven to be a great addition to your garden, adding texture, movement and colour. They bring elegance and interest to your garden beds, while being one of the easiest plants to maintain. Most are tolerant of wind, inadequate soil conditions, salt air, and garden pests.


As ornamental grasses are very low-maintenance, fertilization is not normally necessary. If your grasses are looking shabby, add some mushroom manure to your soil to give them a boost.

How to Plant:

When planting ornamental grass make sure they are planted slightly raised above grade to prevent root rot. Remember most will survive drought conditions better than wet conditions.

When to Plant:

The best times to plant your ornamental grasses are spring and fall. It is also acceptable to plant in summer, just make sure they are irrigated well.

When to Prune:

To rejuvenate your grasses, prune back in early to mid spring. The pruning will invigorate the grass and lush new growth will emerge in abundance.

Diseases and Pests: Ornamental grasses are notoriously disease and pest free. Many are also deer resistant.

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