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Greenhouse Screen Systems

A greenhouse screen system means quite simply to install a screening material inside the greenhouse above the crop, outside the greenhouse over the roof or on the sides of the greenhouse (inside or outside).   You’ll do this if you want to control day length (ex. chrysanthemum growing) or if you want to save on energy costs to heat or to cool a greenhouse.

A screen that helps with saving on heating costs will be called an energy screen and will work on the principal of making the greenhouse into a smaller area to heat and by keeping heat inside by reflecting it back into the greenhouse.

A screen that saves on cooling costs will also be called an energy screen and will work on much the same principals, only inverted. It will make the area to cool smaller (pad & fan house) and it will reflect sunlight and heat out of the greenhouse.

This all sounds very simple but the installation and operation of a screen can be very complex. The reason why it is not as simple as just putting the right screen material in the right place, is because a screen must be moveable. In other words, you (or the Priva computer) must be able to open or close it at will.

This means that a screen will have hundreds of moveable parts that need to move smoothly several times during every day - much like your motor vehicle. Trying to save costs by choosing a low quality screening system can turn into a nightmare and eventually even higher costs for the grower.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your days as a professional grower tearing screen cloth from the gears of screen motors, we suggest finding yourself a reliable screen supply and installation company. 

Dynatrade represents Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI) in South Africa. PDI specializes only in the manufacturing and installation of greenhouse screening systems all over the world.

Look no further for reliability and the latest technology! Speak to Dynatrade and see how a screen system can benefit your greenhouse operation.

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