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Regardless of type, horizontal greenhouse shades optimize the growth and economy of your greenhouse. Choose from our range of complete shading systems or single components. Our experienced staff will develop a solution that perfectly fits your greenhouse and the plants you grow. Our shading systems are used in:  production greenhouses commercial greenhouses research and institutional greenhouses.

Choose the drive and shade cloth

Our greenhouse shades can be installed in new construction or in existing greenhouses. For horizontal shading systems you can choose from three different drives

  • central drive, lay flat with TUS 25-40: a push-pull system for a greenhouse with a maximum length of approximately 70 meters
  • central drive, lay flat with cable: a cable drive system for greenhouses with a maximum length of approximately 130 meters
  • gable end, suspended with cable: a cable drive system for greenhouses with maximum length of approximately 70 meters

We also offer spare and single parts for drive systems such as gear racks, cable pulleys, swivel pulleys, diabolo rollers, cable drums, etc. 

For shading and darkening you can choose from these types of shade cloth: 

  • Fiberfil und Fiberfil screen: reflects light and nice optics
  • FF/FR Trevira CS: flame retardant
  • different Phormi Tex fabrics
  • EcoScreen
  • knitted shading fabric: inexpensive and easy to install

Improve the performance of your greenhouse

Greenhouse shades contribute to cost-effectiveness in modern horticulture. The energy balance improves through less warmth loss – this saves operating costs. Using the correct shade will maximize the potential of your shading system.

Quality, precision products made in Germany

Our fabrics are produced in our own weaving mill in the city of Greven, (near Münster) Germany. To supplement our product line, we add high-quality fabrics from national and international suppliers. We maintain the same high standards with our in-house products as those provided by other manufacturers.

Our product range also includes:

For horticultural supplies we offer landscape fabric, ground cover, burlap fabric, capillary mats and small items such as clips and clamps for flowers and plants.

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