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- Concentrated, Value-added Liquid Fertilizer


Halo® is a concentrated, value-added liquid fertilizer: 23-0-0 plus 3% sulfur. More than other nitrogen sources, Halo adds value with additional carbon in a low pH solution.

Halo’s liquid nitrogen formulation seeps into the root zone where some of it is taken up by the roots, but most is stored as it binds with clay particles in the soil. Halo’s carbon is also carried into the root zone. It ends up in the same place, at the same time, to feed your soil’s microbes.

With carbon feeding your soil microorganisms, bacterial activity in particular increases in the root zone. That activity helps break nitrogen free from clay particles to be available to your plants, and helps make other nutrients available as well – nutrients that that are currently tied up in your soil in forms inaccessible to plants. It’s a controlled combination that works right where and when your plant is trying to grow roots.

The Role of pH

Halo’s low pH helps neutralize bicarbonates in the soil, improving water flow in the root zone in salty soils. That’s especially important with irrigated crops where low quality irrigation water is used.

With better water flow across your roots and more soluble nutrients available, your plants have a greater chance to grow as intended. Contact us to determine an application rate suitable for your crops and conditions.

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