Acuinuga S.L.

Acuinuga S.L.

High-Precision, Automatic Fish Egg Sorters and Counters


High-precision, automatic fish egg sorters and counters for the fast and accurate selection and quantification of ova.  Using optic fibre and/or infrared light for the detection of unfertilised ova, these sorters and counters guarantee an error margin under 99%. Fitted with an up to 30-litre capacity egg collection reservoir, the sorting device includes a state-of-the-art egg counter, egg sorter and automatic mechanism for the separation of accepted and rejected ova. Multivoltage powered, may be reduced to 12 volts DC for enhanced security in wet environments. Reliable and robust with minimum maintenance.

Voltage: 110 / 230 V. AC; 12 V DC; 50 Hz. Weight: 17 to 24 Kg depending on configuration. Sorting discs opening diameter: 5,5/6,5/7,5/8,5 mm. Sorting capacity: 100.000 to 200.000 eggs/hr, depending on model and egg dimensions. Optional automatic stoppage.

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