High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer (HSPM)



Kennco’s high-speed plastic mulch layer is available in single row as well as multiple row machines. With all of the possible configurations the high-speed mulch layer is an extremely cost effective, versatile, and durable money saving too for all growersl.

Kennco Plastic Mulch Layer Advantages:

  • Carries two rolls of plastic, for quick 'on-the-go' switching
  • Welded frame to keep components from sliding unlike many others brands that use bolts, which can loosen and slide.
  • Easy adjustments for use with different plastic widths
  • Adjustable braking mechanism slows the rollers as plastic is stretched over bed for tighter plastic.
  • Adjustable seat for rider safety and comfort
  • Crown rollers are shaped to match crown of bed
  • Galvanized roller tube to prevent rust so the plastic rolls smoothly
  • Heavy-duty welded frame
  • Boats for 'cup' to bury edge of plastic
  • Stretching wheels to pull plastic down on bed and press into cup.
  • Closing discs to hold plastic tight on bed
  • Support wheels

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Custom row centers are available.
Standard Sizes available:

  • 1 bed high-speed plastic layer machines for plastic anywhere from 36” to 96” are standard
  • 3 bed high-speed plastic layer machines for plastic anywhere from 60” to 84” are standard

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